Discovering The World Through Posse!

August 24, 2012 at 4:34 am

Elizabeth Toohey is currently a student at UTS studying Communications. Elizabeth is an outgoing and fashionable woman that enjoys the fine art of shopping and dining throughout Sydney. “Like every woman, my obsession is shopping. My Posse Street, I dare say it.. is full of shopping boutiques I can’t get enough of, I can now share and discover the world of shopping through Posse”.

When signing up to Posse, Elizabeth immediately thought of her favourite boutiques where she likes to splurge on the best Australian and International Designer products. An infamous store located in Melbourne is Green with Envy. It’s also based online, and has a high demand for the latest trends hitting the runways. “ Green with Envy constantly keeps me updated through Facebook and Instagram with the latest looks being advertised. Posse allows me to discover new places to shop and explore through a new platform of social media”.

Darlinghurst is a hip and trendy place that is full of amazing places waiting to be discovered. Through Posse, Elizabeth was able to find her new food obsession Miss Chu. A friend of a friend had recommended it for it’s dumplings. Elizabeth claims Miss Chu has the best steamed dumplings she has tasted to date, the experience was “simply unforgettable”.

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