Posse Reconnect With The Crew At Pollenizer!

September 24, 2012 at 9:44 pm

The Posse Posse went back to our roots and met up with some of the crew from Pollenizer.

Based in the depths of Surry Hills, Pollenizer, is a Start-up Incubator that transforms creative ideas into global phenomenons. Working closely with brave entrepreneurs, the crew at Pollenizer launch Start-ups and propel them into the market place for the tech savvy population to enjoy.

To date, Pollenizer have co-founded over 25 online companies including Wooboard & Spreets.

In their awesome garage style warehouse we met Nicola, Kevin, Michael, Albert, Toby and Simon. We asked the crew where they hang out, and what local hideouts they can recommend to Posse.

Here’s what they came up with!


Office Manager & Marketing Coordinator

Nicola uses Posse to add places where she can go out with friends and socialise.

Cafes galore!

Single Origin Roasters seems to be a real hit with these guys! Nicola added it to her Posse Street as it’s her fav place to grab her weekday coffees. Maintaining the theme of Bakeries & purveyors of coffee, Nicola also recommends Bourke Street Bakery, & Kurtosh.


Platform Engineer

Kevin is totally into the men’s fashion label Saxony. Heck, he was even wearing their label when we met… a walking advertisement! Kevin has even received an e-thank you from Saxony for adding them to his Posse Street. A random act of awesome you might expect from Posse!

Like Nicola, Kevin receives his coffee fix each day from Single Origin. Kevin enjoys hanging out there with his pal baristas.


Product Manager

General Pants is basically the only brick and mortar retail store Michael shops at. Tech savvy and fashion forward, Michael mostly shops online.
You may also find Michael at Longrain for the amazing food or at Three Blue Ducks for a coffee on the weekend by the sea… Who doesn’t like a coffee with a  glistening water view?


Product Manager

Albert loves a good party and has added a bunch of trendy small bars to his Posse Street.

Sydney’s Bar Scene!

A Surry Hills local; Tio’s, featured as well as Grandma’s, & Baxters Inn - a stone throw away from each other in Clarence Street, Sydney.

Albert frequents small bars with his friends and family and uses Instagram to create his own visual history of the places he has been too…. very creative!



Toby had Posse down pat!  As a Designer at Pollenizer – we should have guessed he’d love Posse! Toby added an eclectic mix of places to his Posse Street; from hairdressers to bars and fashion retailers. The Passage is a local favourite. Conveniently located near his abode, Toby is a fan of Techno Wednesday nights!


Platform Engineer

JB-HI-FI was one of the first places Simon added to his Street. One of the only retailers still selling CDs, Simon frequents JB-HI-FI to add to his collection of Australian Hip Hop. A loved Surry Hills lunchtime venue; Madam Char Char also features on Simon’s street. Surry Hills’ locals will certainly agree the salads are sensational!


So, the Pollenizer crew can certainly provide a recommendation or two! Why not check out what else is on their street!

Thanks for your time guys!