Five Minutes with Concrete Playground’s Business Director; Johnny Buchan

September 26, 2012 at 1:29 am

Last week, Posse met up with one of the trendiest men around town, Concrete Playground’s Business Director; Johnny Buchan. For those who don’t know, Concrete Playground is a phenomenal online guide for cultural events, news and places. Creative and playful, Concrete Playground’s forward thinking contributors are trusted sources for what’s going on around Sydney, Melbourne, Brisvegas and Auckland!

We were lucky enough to have five minutes of Johnny’s time to absorb as much info as possible about a handful of the best establishments around Surry Hills.

First stop on Johnny’s list of local haunts is The Beresford Hotel. A regular Friday night hangout for drinks with friends, Johnny recommends The Beresford for its atmosphere and the assortment of live music performances.

The Clock Hotel located in Surry Hills also features on Johnny’s Street. Like many Sydneysiders, it is one of his favourite places to chill out with some mates and have a cold beer on the balcony. If you’re positioned well, it’s the perfect place to relax whilst you watch the hustle and bustle of Crown Street!

Zushi Sushi was also high up on the list of awesome restaurants around town. Johnny frequents the Surry Hills Zushi and informed us that Zushi’s Darlinghurst abode has changed to a Sushi Train! Awesome news for local Darlinghurst residents.

Tio’s Cerveceria is a tequila lovers dream. Hidden in Surry Hills it can certainly be described as a quirky yet vibrant bar! Often fans are lining the street to gain access as early as 8pm! With a Mexican themed interior and vibe, tequila shots and free popcorn, what more could you want from a bar….? It’s certainly a place Johnny can recommend for a fun night out!

If you thought Johnny’s Street couldn’t get any better, think again. Next stop is Buffalo Dining Club! Conveniently located within close proximity to his home, Buffalo Dining Club is a new favourite. A must visit to devour some Buffalo Mozzarella. It will simply melt in your mouth!

And last for not least, for the best coffee around town, Johnny suggests you look no further than Single Origin Roasters. Johnny will go out of his way to grab a coffee from these guys; they certainly know how to purvey caffeine!

So, five minutes and we feel like we have enjoyed a cultural tour around Surry Hills.

Thanks for your time Johnny!