Five Minutes with The FAMOUS Four!

October 21, 2012 at 8:36 pm

Mondays are often riddled with Mondayits, however last Monday Posse were lucky enough to spend the afternoon at Famous Magazine HQ! Chilling in the office (that we fell in love with might we add), we were surrounded by a buzz of the latest on fashion, celebs and entertainment was an absolute treat!

Within the buzzing office we met, Jody, Natasha, Justine and Louise. In the limelight, and following the top celebs we interviewed the ladies at Famous to see what their favourite places are and where they spend their leisure time! 


Online Producer

Jody’s Street

Jody likes to devour delicious food, enjoys hanging out at vibrant new placed and most certainly has a profound sense of style! Jody took us on a global adventure when she was curating her street. First stop was ‘The Abbey’ in West Hollywood, where she suggested we find “great food and a terrific atmosphere, particularly for brunch! Diamond Suppy Co is another fave place in the US of A. This streetwear brand located in swanky LA is apparently pretty awesome. And, just in case you needed a place to stay; look no further than Thompson Hotels where you can hang out at the most amazing pool bar; Tropicana Bar! Jody’s street wouldn’t be complete without some local Sydney hot spots. Bread and Circus featured as well as the notoriously charismatic El Loco – who could resist cheap tacos and a chillaxed vibe? 



Junior Fashion Editor

Natasha’s Street

Being a little fashionista, you’ll find Natasha at either Marc by Marc Jacobs in New York, Tuchuzy in Bondi or Topshop in London where you can expect “endless levels of fashion – what’s not to love?!”. Yes, she does spread her fave fashion spots across three countries – very smart! But apart from fabulous fashion, Natasha appreciates fabulous food, giving North Bondi Italian Food and Bread in Nolita prized positions on her street. Natasha mentioned we “must try the CRAB IN A BAG at North Bondi Italian Food”! So go on guys, get down to NBI and enjoy some crab-in-a-bag!

As we had a hot five minutes with Natasha we couldn’t help but ask what the latest fashion trends were for this season. So heads up girls; Natasha recommends, neon trims, block colours, coloured jeans and all things studded!


Beauty Editor

Justine’s Street 

Like Jody, Justine wanted to recommend a few places over in USA. Justine is a big fan of the Wollman Ice Rink in Central Park, New York.  We’ve been told it is “the best outdoor rink” and heck, we’re pretty sure there it’s a prime people watching position too. Who doesn’t enjoy a spot of people watching? In the subject of fine things, Justine is smitten with the furniture at ‘The Country Trader’.  Justine claims it has “the most incredible collection of unique antique furniture”. She wishes she lived there! Other places among her faves are ‘Sephora’ in New York and the local ‘Gardel’s Bar’ in Surry hills, Sydney. Justine can’t go past the beauty floors in ‘Westfield’, in particular both ‘Myer’ and ‘David Jones’. When asked to choose between the two, she said she just couldn’t! Gotta love a girl with an eye for beauty!


Marketing Manager

Louise’s Street

Like many of us, Louise enjoys scrumptious food. According to Louise, ‘Salt Meats Cheese’ lives up to its name and purveys “fab cheese, amazing pasta and luxurious truffle salt!” Sounds luxurious right? Louise also informed us that ‘Peats Bite’ on the Hawkesbury River is only accessible by boat, and has a swimming pool… This screams romantic summer fun to us. On the weekend, you might catch Louise at the Mitchell Rd Antique & Design Centre’ in Alexandria where she shops for vintage clothing and retro furniture. Delish meals and shopping aside, everyone needs to relax now and then and ‘Mon Tri’s Villa Royale, Kata Noi, in Phuket is where Louise goes to unwind. Louise claims it’s a beautiful hotel set into headland and is surrounded by nature. It is also the most relaxing place she has ever stayed at! Next holiday destination? We think so!

Well, we’ve certainly confirmed the ladies at Famous Magazine are both transient and trendy! Thanks so much for allowing us a sneak peek into your lives and favourite places. You ladies are awesome! 

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- Anieszka P