Shaking Cocktails With The Award Winning Victoria Room

October 29, 2012 at 7:50 pm

Meet Luke Hanzlicek. Luke heads up the bar at the award-winning Cocktail Bar & Restaurant; The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst.

As expected, he enjoys a drink or two and loves to concoct stirred down cocktails and sours at The Victoria Room. Here, they’re particular about using their own ingredients and appliances to make great-tasting, award winning cocktails. They have homemade syrups, and use an in-house still. There is certainly some heart & soul going into these cocktails!

In the spirit of concoctions, Luke recently dreamt up a delicious salted caramel Johnny Walker Black Label Cocktail, after enjoying the memorable salted caramel white chocolate ice cream from Gelato Messina. Sounds ahhhhmazing right?

It doesn’t stop there. Luke actually saunters into Gelato Messina everyday- wouldn’t you if it was just downstairs? Messina has definitely been awarded a prized position on his Posse Street!

Luke gains his other daily fix- Coffee- at Tiger Mottle, which according to him makes the best in town. And if you’re lucky enough (or early enough) he recommends you try the breakfast tart!

Hinky Dinky is where you will find Luke taking a break from work.  Apparently it’s a very friendly place and somewhat of a Bartenders’ Bar. The standards are high- with bartenders regularly serving a full bar of fellow bartenders! That’s certainly a sign of a quality bar.

Luke continues that Eau De Vie is another great local spot to grab some food after a shift at The Victoria Room, and Sunday’s at Lofi always guarantee a quality industry get together!

Check out Luke’s Posse Street to continually uncover hidden gems & local favourites of someone with a good handle on the happening venues in Sydney. This guy has got taste!


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