Bright Cool Places from Bright Green Laces

November 18, 2012 at 11:17 pm

Posse had lots of fun with Shereen, author of the fabulous fashion blog; Bright Green Laces.  She gave us the lowdown on where to shop, eat, drink, read and shop some more.

Bright Green Laces is Shereen’s addictive fashion blog, where she shares her eclectic wardrobe and beautiful styling tips. The blog name came from her first major fashion purchase: a pair of plain converse that she customised with bright green shoe laces to stand out from the crowd.

Shereen lives, eats and breathes fashion, so we were dying to see where all her clothing and accessory gems are sourced from.  Living in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, Shereen tends to go on ‘purposeful’ shopping expeditions, regularly visiting her favourite stores. These are the special stores made her short list:

Shereen’s Street

Naturally Topshop earns a spot on Shereen’s Posse street. She was wearing some very cool pieces from their new collection when we met. Bright Green Laces alerted us long before its Sydney arrival.  

She’s also got some homegrown Australian fashion labels on here… Monster ThreadEstate of Mind, St Frock and Cream on King. Shereen described the Surry Hills boutique Minty Meets Munt as “An Australian fashion label that always has something to say… Definitely worth a visit”. 

Of course Bright Green Laces need shoes – Shereen’s footwear faves include Platypus and Hype DC. She tells us to check out the  ”awesome sales” at Hype DC Liverpool and to go there when you cant find your shoe at any other location.


Shereen is also a tea fan - Happy Lemon is a funky Asian drink chain which Shereen frequents.  Her go-to store is in Broadway in the Inner West. She also recommends Chatime for “Bubble Tea without the artificial sugar overload…. perfection!” 

Thank you Miss Bright Green Laces for an amazing Posse street, definitely worth following “Reen Reen” on Posse now, and if you haven’t already, check out Bright Green Laces.

—–Emma & Posse