A bookworm’s guide to getting out and about

January 31, 2013 at 10:27 pm

What’s Cam reading!?

Today we bring you an espresso shot of art and culture with Cam from Surry Hills Booksellers, Oscar & Friends! When he’s not digging through the store’s quirky book collection, Cam frequents plenty of snacking corners, galleries, and landmarks and does his mates a favour by adding them to Posse!

Cam loves his historical and cultural stops across the globe and gets his worldly art fix from the modern New Museum in New York City. Closer to home, he recently had the pleasure of visiting the Art Gallery of New South Wales for the Picasso and Francis Bacon exhibitions. When he would rather take a more hands-on approach as a craftsman, Cam heads to the Bower in Marrickville to breathe new life into the knicks and knacks to be found in what he calls his trash and treasure wonderland.

Picture 3

For some R&R, Cam dines out at the ever-popular Mamak in Haymarket for the mouth-watering Roti Canai. In the Swiss winter, Cam remembers retreating to the cosy Stockholm Grill Restaurant where the cheese fondue and the lamb make him salivate at a mere thought. Pastizzi cafe calls when it is time for Cam’s favourite dish, the prawn pasta.

Picture 2

When asked why he uses Posse to browse new exciting places, he responded;

“I love the internet, but sometimes it is just a little too big and unwieldy to help me when I’m looking for something to do or buy; there is such a thing as too much choice, and reviews from complete strangers are not very helpful either. Posse’s cute social approach to curating and navigating places is very clever, making the whole process a pleasure rather than a pain.”