Longrain’s Head Chef Spills the Beans!

February 3, 2013 at 9:02 pm

Head Chef Louis Tikaram

Meet Louis Tikaram: head chef at popular Sydney eatery, Longrain Restaurant. If you’ve eaten at Longrain, you won’t be surprised to discover that Louis draws his culinary inspiration from a childhood spent growing up surrounded by fresh produce on 100 Acres of farmland in Mullumbimby, NSW; his travels, particularly throughout Asia and his Fijian-Chinese heritage. It’s fair to say then, that when it comes to sharing favourite places, our ears pricked up when we heard Louis’!

Hey Louis! Where are your favourite places to go?

1. Halfsleeve select clothing and lifestyle in Surry Hills is where I pick up my threads and backpacks, they always have the sickest gear and great sales.

2. For lunch I hit Blancharu in Elizabeth Bay for Ramen, Chef Haru only prepares 30 bowls of his kick ass Ramen per lunch service so you better be quick.

3. Single Origin is my coffee spot and has been for almost 10 years, sometimes its difficult to find a consistent cup though single origin is spot on every time.

4. I love to go to Chez Dee for breakfast in Kings Cross, the scrambled eggs with uni is next level.

5. Wine library in Paddington is where I spend most Sunday nights with the crew; it is an awesome wine bar with great food and even better vibe.

6. Dong Nam A & Co on Campbell Street in Chinatown is where I go for home and work for all our Asian groceries, everything you need is there you just have to look.

7. Chairman Mao restaurant in Kensington showcases food from the Hunan province in China, it is the real deal so be prepared.

8. Monopole in Potts Point is my newest hang; I was part of the opening team at Bentley where I worked with Brent for a couple years and Monopole offers just as amazing food, and Nick has got the killer wine list on lock down.

9. Mr Wong in the city is my go to place for a Cantonese feast. Dan & Jow have been my mates since I moved to Sydney, it is a cool place to have a drink, eat some dim sum and have a great meal.

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You must have eaten at a lot of great places- how did these places make the cut to your Posse profile?

 That’s simple!! These places are the best of the best; I only ever shop at places where I know that I will be taken care of, only eat at restaurants who are passionate and use the best produce and Drink at places with the best vibe and crew!!

Often a persons favourite places reveal something about themselves. Do these places reveal anything about you? 

Definitely, all these places are local and owned by locals all in very close proximity to where I live and work, the people who work here I see day in day out, I’m all about supporting local businesses and representing our local passion and talent.

Are there any special memories or funny stories from any of the places that you’d like to share with us?

I have been Friends with Dan & Jow from Mr Wongs for years; we hang out almost every weekend and catch up on the latest news and goss.

We all thrive on each others passion and enjoy each others company, I have got way too many funny stories from over the years though I doubt they would like me to reveal them ;)

Finally, why do you use PosseWhat do you like about it?

Posse is cool because you get the real information and suggestions from real people who are very similar to you, it is easy to use, understand and accessible everywhere, the layout is funky and fun to use.

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