Mixing it up in Adelaide

February 7, 2013 at 2:07 am

Finn straining a signature ZHIVAGO cocktail

Zhivago is one of the most frequented and cutting edge nightclubs in South Australia. What sets them apart from the rest? It’s simple; tunes that make you dance, great bartenders mixing the finest drinks and a space that provides a welcome escape from the outside world. They recommended we chat to one of their talented bartenders- Finn Healey (pictured)- about some great spots to visit in Adelaide. Here’s 7 places he whiles away his leisure time:

 1. Clinic 116- Another awesome place to find vinyl

2. Sushi Train- Sushi, off the chain sushi

3. General Pants Co.- Chilled out friendly staff, quality clothing

4. Big Star Records- Coolest record store in adelaide

5. East Taste Restaurant- Food from another world

6. Midwest Trader- Coolest threads in town

7. Zhivag0- My 2nd Home

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 10.51.42 AM

How did these places make the cut to your favourites list? 

These places made my favourites list because they provide a unique retail/dining environment with great style, quality products/produce and good customer service. Actually, once while looking through the local music section at Big Star Records, I found both of my parents CD’s on the same shelf!

Do these places reveal anything about you? 

I favour more rare products and places than generic choices.

What do you like about Posse?

It’s great to be able share your favourite places with people that have similar style to myself.

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