The Best 5 Underground Sydney Bars via Miss Feathers

February 20, 2013 at 9:29 pm
miss feathers

Miss Feathers

Miss Feathers is the kinda gal that loves to explore all that Sydney has to offer. Anything that’s edible or quaffable is high on her do to list. She explores the latest restaurants, bars, exhibitions, plays, festivals and more, and whispers her findings into your ear via She uses Posse because it’s full of great suggestions from her friends & family and you get to find out all kinds of secret (and not so secret) places. Here’s her street of the best 5 underground Sydney bars:
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Best 5 Underground Sydney Bars on

1. Shady Pines Saloon

American pioneer-style dive bar? You betcha. Perfect for some good ol’ checkered shirt, bearded hipster drinkin’ sessions. Grab a Coopers Malt and have a hoedown amongst the taxidermy and carved wooden American Indians. Anton Forte and Jason Scott are the guys behind it, and they seem to be an unstoppable force in the Sydney bar scene.

Shady Pines

Shady Pines

2. Grandma’s
This one’s a small one, or rather tiny. Even on a school night it’s hard to grab a seat. Not that anyone seems to mind. At Grandma’s it’s all about the cocktails. Start with a punch and see where the night takes you. Bartenders can’t get much friendlier than this.



3. Mojo Record Bar
If music is your thing (particularly records), then this might be the bar for you. It’s the sort of bar that you can prop yourself up on or slink into the darkness of a booth. It’s a no fuss bar with a tonne of craft beers. Oh and there’s a record store too.

Mojo Record Bar

Mojo Record Bar

4. Baxters Inn
This is another one by the Shady Pines boys (along with Frankie’s Pizza) that’s worth dropping by for a whisky or two (or three). That is, if you can find it. This cosy basement level bar is just a little classier than some of the other bars on this strip, and is perfect for a drink in winter.

Baxter's Inn

Baxter’s Inn

5. The Botanist
For a much more casual drink with a few more lights turned on, check out The Botanist. There are plants everywhere and they have the best smelling bar toilets that I’ve ever been to. Nautical and botanical with a drinks list full of herbs and fruit, you wont go hungry here.

The Botanist

The Botanist