Miss Chu Shares her Favourite Places

March 25, 2013 at 10:55 pm

Nahji Chu is the lively woman behind the popular Vietnamese Tuckshops, MissChu based in Sydney & Melbourne. Famed for her awesome take it or leave it attitude and wicked sense of humour, she has a tribe of fans who lap up her refreshing honesty and of course, her delicious rice paper rolls!  We were unanimous in our love for all things MissChu so we were SUPER pleased to discover the feeling is mutual- “I love Posse because it doesn’t have ads on it and it promotes local Hospitality businesses that are worth visiting”. Here are some of her favourite places:

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 12.39.42 PM
Vivant (Paris)- I love French food when not eating Misschu and that I like small spaces done well, with character and design elements that have soul and not just for the cool factor
MiniLoc Island Resort (Philippines)-  You can book an entire Lagoona or Island all to yourself for lunch or dinner. The chef cooks the fish you catch yourself and it makes me feel like I’m  stranded on a deserted island with a private chef. It’s so much fun!! and I have to get there by kayaking too which is a real work out!
22 Hang Bo (Hanoi)-  There’s no name to this street cafe but this lady has been here for 25 years selling Banh Xeo (vietnamese savoury crepes). It’s very street and the line to get in is long but worth the wait and you won’t see a tourist in site!
Pho Thin (Hanoi City)- Offers one of the best Pho’s in town and there’s a great coffee shop next door as well. Only locals eat here and you won’t see a tourist here. 
10 William Street (Sydney)- In Sydney I eat at 10 William Street, because I love simple and traditional Italian and Enrique and Johnny Paradiso are good friends of mine from Melb days. 

Cafe Di Stasio (Melbourne)- In Melbourne I eat at Di Stasios because again, I love Italian food and Ronni Di Stasio makes me laugh and I love his eccentricity and generosity.  Last time I was there I came out of the toilets exclaiming; “Ronni! Io molto Amore the soundscape in your toilets! It’s a masterpiece!!”. He was playing just the sound from one of my favourite films, ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’. We always have a good laugh when he sees me there and he has such an honest and wicked sense of humour. We share a passion for art.