LA Insider Guide from the Nasty Gal Team

April 23, 2013 at 9:08 am

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 Nasty Gal is a global online destination selling new and vintage clothing for girls with edge! Packed with personality, they pull off a very unique kind of quirkiness which has greatly attributed to their status as the fastest-growing retailer in the US. We were super eager to find out just where Nasty Gal team hang out in LA- lucky for us, they’re sharing it via Posse. Here’s their go-to list:

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The Little Next Door - Best little French bistro, you feel right in Paris, breakfast is great!

The Fix - Among the best burgers in town, they are buffalo but you couldn’t even taste the difference!

Mohawk Bend - Great gastropub that used to be a theater, good for drinks and food! 

Largo at the Coronet - For intimate shows by big time people, including Fiona Apple.

Townhouse Speakeasy - To drink whiskey cocktails and dance in the basement no matter what the night!

Little Dom’s - Great atmosphere, great dinner!

Pilates Plus Silver Lake - Best work out ever!

Los Globos - Great place for a good Friday night out.

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Intelligentsia Coffee – Best coffee ever! 

Squaresville - Another great vintage shop!

Shareen - Great vintage shop!