Top 8 Eateries in Sydney’s Lower North Shore!

April 28, 2013 at 2:33 am


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The North Shore is home to a unique mix of restaurants, cafes and bars that keep locals content- and those on the other side of the bridge out of the loop! Crows Nest, situated on the lower North Shore is the destination for authentic ramen, modern Japanese and brunch on a Sunday morning! If you’re around the Sydney CBD, tack 15 minutes onto your journey and check out 8 of the best eateries in the area:

Ryo’s has a queue every evening for a good reason. It serves the best ramen in Sydney! The soup is gloriously steeped with flavour and there is simply no alternative to something so rich and luscious! It is a tiny place with a few tables (sometimes they become communal!) and the bench top is also seated with hungry diners. The menu gives you options of pork or chicken based broth, toppings and sides (the karaage chicken is recommendable)! My personal favourite is Toyko style ramen with the large piece of nori that’s soaked with the broth!


Ramen in Tokyo style soy sauce flavoured soup with roast pork, egg, bamboo shoots and nori
Image: Love Fooding Around

Waqu is a modern Japanese restaurant that is all class and chic. It’s got dark romantic lighting, perfect for a cosy date or a special occasion with the family. We’ve been going here for years and the owner and his wife are always so lovely and accommodating. They have a six-course menu that changes seasonally which ensures customers keep on going back. The chefs at Waqu know how to play with flavours and enlighten the taste palette with new wondrous combinations.


Image: Love Fooding Around

St Malo Bakery is all about the bread and pastries they make on the premises every morning. As you arrive you are greeted with aromas of their award-winning sourdough loaves along with their danishes and muffins. If you have time, sit down for a great cup of coffee and order something from their food menu or just a pastry. It’s a great place to be for a relaxed and casual weekend brunch while catching up with friends or the newspaper!

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Spanish onion, feta & thyme scone
Image: Love Fooding Around

Ju-Rin has traditional Japanese flair, keeping it authentic and maintaining perfection in food presentation. The “9 Kings of Japanese Appetise” is a glory box of nine different canape size delights, showing their chefs’ attention to detail and pairing of flavours. But what I love most from Ju-Rin is the mixed pork and seafood okonomiyaki that is cooked to order on the teppanyaki topped with whimsical bonito flakes!


9 Kings of Japanese Appetizers
Image: Foodspotting

Sparrow Gelato & Espresso 
may be tiny but it certainly knows how to make a big impact on the dessert scene! They have a range of unique gelato flavours to choose from but don’t forget the cakes and sweet pies! The gelato is very creamy and works wonders in an affogato. It’s nice to go somewhere that isn’t just another franchise but is delivered with local love. It’s a great local hangout for kids, teenagers and adults to satisfy that sweet sweet craving!


Belgian waffle with rum & raisin gelato
Image: Foodspotting

Moo Burgers has finally arrived to the lower North Shore and I couldn’t be happier! Their generous burgers and devillish milkshakes are just as good as their Newtown restaurant. If you’re game, eat their Double Decker Deluxe Moo, a burger fit for giants! They have beef, chicken, vegetarian and even salmon, duck and kangaroo burgers! They definitely aim to please! But don’t forget to order a side of their hot chips, you can’t go wrong with crispy crunch and a fluffy centre.


Home-style fries and the Double Decker Deluxe Moo
Image: Foodspotting

The Vineyard Restaurant Lounge is a hidden treasure that everyone needs to try out. The menu might be small but they know to stick with what they’re good at and make it exquisite. I can’t emphasize enough how important and crucial it is to try their Wild Mushroom & Truffle Risotto! As the kind waiters bring out the risotto you can already smell the truffle scent traveling into your nose. The staff know how to accommodate and make your entire experience very memorable.


Ricotta gnocchi with prawns, peas and prosciutto in a light bisque sauce
Image: The Vineyard

Kurtosh is a new addition to Crows Nest and like the other place I’ve suggested, it does not disappoint. The cafe opens till very late which is very handy to have when you want something sweet after dinner. It’s very spacious, with a giant communal table towards the back. Their speciality is kurtosh, spiral Hungarian chimney cakes, which can be rolled in different toppings. I like going for their slab cakes because you can choose how small of a portion you want which means you can try the lot!


Image: Kurtosh Cafe