Melbourne Guide via Fashion Bloggers, ‘How Two Live’

May 27, 2013 at 10:12 pm

Sisters Stef (left) and Jess (right)

 Stef and Jess are two sisters popping up on fashion radars everywhere, for their outlandish style which is documented via their blog: ‘How Two Live’. The story goes that the two (who despite their twin-like appearance are in fact 4 and a half years apart!), started the blog as a way to share what they wore, who they saw and where they went whilst living on opposite sides of the world. In under a year, they’ve gained a widespread following and most recently attended Paris Fashion Week wearing daily, complimentary outfits provided by some favourite local designers including Alice McCall, Friend of Mine, Ixiah, Kate Sylvester, Lilyhart, Miss Unkon, Shakuhachi, Stylestalker and Tigerlily! Born and raised in Melbourne, the girls were keen to cast a spotlight on some of their favourite local places via Posse! Follow them and join the ‘How two Live’ Posse!

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The go-to boutique for crazy awesome accessories. Kurt, the owner, has a serious knack for sourcing the kookiest and the coolest pieces around.

Alice Euphemia

Melbourne is littered with cool vintage and designer boutiques. This is one of the best, and a great place to pick up some Aussie labels.

Hello Sailor Vintage Fair

Having been around for years, this has become one of the North side’s most iconic markets. It usually runs monthly at a couple of different venues, with vintage clothing, accessories, and trinkets galore.


One of our favourite breakfast spots; the coffee is amazing, the food is delicious (and cheap), and the staff are mostly from New Zealand…aka super friendly.

Touché Hombre

Melbourne has gone mexicrazy as of late, and this CBD dinner spot is one of our absolute faves. Order the tequila flute if you’re up for a big night.

Palace Cinema Como

We love a good Sunday night movie session, and this is our cinema of choice. Huge comfy seats, a selection of independent and mainstream films, and the best part of all – and we may be spilling one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets here – you can order wine from the bar and take it in with you.