Best in Beachside: Newcastle

June 25, 2013 at 1:54 am

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Australia’s second oldest city- Newcastle- is fast gaining our attention. Loved for its beautiful beaches and creative culture; its best businesses are feeling the love from residents and visitors alike, singing their praises via Posse. Just last week, Lord Mayor Jeff McCloy revealed some of his favourite places in the area. Today, local surfer Marcus Scott, gives us a quick guide to city’s best beachside hangouts.

Merewether Surfhouse


Merewether Surfhouse. Photo:

A bit pricey but a great place for a drink or coffee while watching the surfers off the point at Merewether beach

The Beach Hotel

The Beach Hotel. Photo:

The Beach Hotel. Photo:

Great for an afternoon drink with a view of the Merewether -to- Bar beach stretch.

The Brewery

The Brewery. Photo:

The Brewery. Photo:

Great on a Sunday afternoon: drinks by the harbor with great burgers.


Estabar. Photo:

Estabar. Photo:

Great for an afternoon or lunch catchup right by the beach.

Swell Espresso Bar

Swell Espresso Bar and Cafe. Photo:

Swell Espresso Bar and Cafe. Photo:

Another great takeaway on the beach with great, fresh juices and coffee. Owned by the same people as the one at Merewether beach.


Paymaster's . Photo:

Paymaster’s . Photo:

Great place for brunch on the harbor. Reasonable prices and great food right behind customs house.

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