Garage Band Royal Chant’s favourite Tour Haunts

July 22, 2013 at 9:37 pm

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Royal Chant is a three-piece garage band from the wilds of NSW. Fast & fuzzed, slanted & slurred, they play their poetic concoctions with their their hearts on their sleeves and a reckless abandon born from the neverland/netherworld that comes from the edges of modern existence.  Always the underdogs, and laced with a penchant for catchy melodies, they keep their heads down and the distortion up, carving their own strange path out of the spotlight but somehow never far from it. Check out their ultimate street of on-tour hangouts shared via Posse and lend your ear to them via Holding Pattern!

Royal Chant's ultimate street on

Royal Chant’s ultimate street on

Churchills Sports Bar

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We’re not exactly the athletic types, but this place is open well into the morning hours, and since our time is often spent filling our heads with music this is the place we go to drink in peace and talk about anything and everything after a show in Sydney.  It’s not the sports we want, it’s the quiet.

Troy Horse

Troy Horse. Photo:

Troy Horse. Photo:

We like it here, and they always treat us well. Good prices, friendly staff, big rooms for lots of noise. Perfect.

Phoenix Bar

Inside The Pheonix at Canberra

Inside The Pheonix at Canberra. Photo:

Rock’n'roll pubs are dying out across Australia, with noise restrictions and whatever else the modern world comes up with putting a severe damper on things.  The Phoenix is still standing however, and going stronger than ever. One of our favourite places to play these days, and the ACT fans certainly give Sydney hipsters a run for their money.

FBi Social

FBI social. Photo:

FBI social. Photo:

We can’t say enough about this venue, nor the station behind it. It’s hard to imagine what things would be like without their support and friendly ears.

The Old Bar

Old Bar in Melbourne. Photo:

Old Bar in Melbourne. Photo:

Love the history found on the walls and carpet here, a great room that hosts the best bands.

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