Around The World in Auckland

August 15, 2013 at 3:23 am


Breakfast in France, lunch in Hanoi and dinner in Mexico? Why not? Defy the laws of physics and your wallet by traveling the world in Auckland’s local cosmopolitan food spots. Whether you’re chasing after authenticity or up for  new twists on the classics,there’s something for every taste palate. Discover new places in Auckland to relive those unforgettable meals abroad, via Posse. 

For French:

La Cigale

La Cigale. Photo:

La Cigale. Photo:

Fulfil your french dream sequence of being a cool Parisian. Fill your hipster bike basket with a stick of baguette, smelly cheese—and don’t forget the foie.  La Cigale also offers  fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, and houses a cafe and bistro.

For Vietnamese:

Cafe Hanoi

Cafe Hanoi. Photo:

Cafe Hanoi. Photo:

Serves up a menu that has a modern take on Vietnamese food. Come for the food, stay for the incredibly chill atmosphere and amazing desserts.

For American:

Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza

Sal's. Photo: SalsNYpizza

Sal’s. Photo: SalsNYpizza

One simply deserves a slice of grease after a hard day at work, no questions asked. Sal’s prides itself in being one of the best local pizzas around that they’ve  slapped a money back guarantee on their site. There’s no need for that, Sal, no need.

For Mexican:



Mexico celebrates the bright and loud whimsy of its namesake country. Food with a punch and a knockout tequila list.

For an International Mix:

Ponsonby International Food Court


A varied selection of international eats set in a fun and busy vibe. Buzz around from one stall to another to experience a taste overload.

Join Posse and see where your friends like to grab their international grub.