Holidaying with Pooch: Pet-friendly hotels around the Globe

August 29, 2013 at 7:06 pm


Think you deserve a holiday? What about your pooch? No longer are hotel lobbies solely a domain for humans- there are plenty of hoteliers who think your furry friend deserves a break too! Pet retailer, Paw Bag, have created a bunch of ‘ultimate’ Posse streets for the dog-lovers out there, and one of our absolute favourites is their guide to “Pet Friendly Hotels Around the Globe”. Now all you need to do is ask yourself- would Fido prefer New York or Paris!?

Paw Bag's pet-friendly hotel street on

Paw Bag’s pet-friendly hotel street on


Le Parker Meridien



Pets get absolutely spoilt at this place! They can enjoy mood music, scratch pads and a “Feed the Party Animal” menu that features Steak Tartare. All animals welcome too!

The Peninsula Beverley Hills

peninsula beverley hills


Has a pet martini on offer! They swap the alcohol for beef bouillon.

Hilton Hotel

hilton hotel


The Hilton Hotels chain allows your furry friend to travel the globe with you!

Chateau Marmont

chateau marmont


For a refundable deposit, you can take you pet with you to Hollywood! No weight restrictions for your pet either, feel free to bring your Great Dane along for the ride!

Hotel Plaza Athenee

Ask the staff about the “Pampered Pooches” package. Your pup will be spoilt with an assortment of treats and dog sitters and walkers are available also.

The Westin


Westin Hotels are a global pet friendly chain. Your pet will be treated to robes, massages, plush robes and customized meals.

The Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotels around the globe allow your pet to check in with you. Depending on the location you can expect anything from healthy dog treats to on-call veterinarian services.

W Hotel

All of W Hotel’s locations will provide a range of pet friendly services. Groomers and pet birthday cakes can be made available!

Soho Grand Hotel

If you couldn’t bring your pup along, this hotel will loan you one of theirs!

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