Desserts worth queueing up for in NYC

September 5, 2013 at 1:13 am

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I tend to skip meals and go straight for dessert, and since moving to NYC 2 months ago, my sweet tooth has only gotten worse. Discovering a queue is an international sign that there’s something important waiting at the end, and it seems that in New York, people think nothing of waiting 30 minutes for a cupcake! Here’s my Posse guide to the best sweet treats in the city- but be warned, you may have to wait for it!

Cassie Hudson's ultimate NYC sweet street on

Cassie Hudson’s ultimate NYC sweet street on

Dunkin Donuts

Everyone's favourite- Dunkin Donuts. Photo:

Everyone’s favourite- Dunkin Donuts. Photo:

My go-to place for a sweet afternoon pick-me-up! Their flavored iced coffees are sip-able sundaes. My new fav is the mint chocolate chip iced flavor.

Momofuko Milk Bar

Momofuku's infamous rainbow cake crumble. Photo:

Momofuku’s infamous rainbow cake crumble. Photo:

           A NYC dessert staple! Where do I even start? Just go here.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Maple bacon cupcakes? Yes please! Photo:

Maple bacon cupcakes? Yes please! Photo:

I’m a cupcake gal and this place satisfies all my cravings! Good cake and delicious frosting. Their red velvet is one of the best I’ve ever tried. I could use one now….

Shake Shack

Shake shack's famous frozen custard. Photo:

Shake shack’s famous frozen custard. Photo:

There’s always a long line, but it moves fast and it’s worth it. The custard shakes are amazing. My recommendation: the black and white shake.


Schmackary's choconut chip. Photo:

Schmackary’s choconut chip. Photo:

You’re sure to run into a Broadway actor on any given Tuesday, given its proximity to the theatres. But besides that, their cookies are amazeballs. They are large, moist and include unusual ingredients like maple bacon. Their iced coffee is really, really strong which can be a good thing when you need a pick-me-up.

Crumbs Bake shop

Crumbs carrot cupcake.

Crumbs carrot cupcake.

They’ve been voted “Best Cupcakes in NYC” and it makes sense. Not only do they offer a wide-array of delicious cupcakes, but the size is out-of-this world COLOSSAL. They literally sell a cupcake called the colossal.

Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery. Photo:

Magnolia Bakery. Photo:

A delicious place, made famous by Sex In The City, is known for their cupcakes, but they have other delicious desserts! My friends are obsessed with their banana pudding, but I will always crave their cake. The vanilla/vanilla is simple, but perfect. Cake. Cake. Cake.


Author: Cassie Hudson is one of Posse’s NYC Ambassador’s. Follow her to receive more of her great recommendations.