Gluten-Free New York

January 9, 2014 at 9:05 am

Chocolate Vanilla Muffin
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Whether you’re a bona fide celiac or someone with similar digestive issues, I feel for you pal, I 100% do. As a self-professed obsessive lover of carbohydrates in their numerous forms, it breaks my heart to think of you having to miss out on a variety of delicious fares. That’s why I decided to do some leg work for you unlucky few, and picked out the tip top of New York’s gluten free dining options. Eat away! PS I suppose if you’re one of those health nuts and/or weirdos who choose to do without carbs, this could also be helpful to you.

Babycakes NYC


Not only gluten free, but they also offer the option of dairy free, refined sugar free, wheat free, soy free, egg free, kosher and vegan as well! Consider this delicious bakery the high achiever of all your sugar loving friends. There are store locations in LA and Orlando as well, but we only care about their New York landmark which can be found on the Lower East Side. Babycakes NYC offers an impeccable range of cakes, loaves, cookies, brownies and anything else your tastebuds could dream of.


Lilli & Loo

Crunchy Sesame Chicken

If you’ve got a hankering for that delicious combination of fried rice, crispy spring rolls and (let’s be honest) numerous plates of Mongolian beef, crispy sesame chicken and Sambal Shrimp – I have amazing news for you. No longer must you only dream of consuming these (once heavy in gluten) meals. Lilli & Loo caters to those of us who just. must. have. Chinese. food. And boo do they do it well.



Want to take your tastebuds on a gluten free trip to South America? Look no further than Pulqueria: they brought their A-game when putting together this menu. Selling a ridiculous variety of tostadas, tacos, and other game changing items, it’s impossible to walk away hungry. Helllllo, their menu includes sautéed hibiscus flowers, braised pig feet, and English pea and poblano puree.



Ah, Italy, the land of pizza, pasta, and risotto – for those who can’t eat gluten you could be forgiven for thinking that any delicious meals thought up by Italians were off limits for your tummy. But you would be wrong = ultimate yay! Risotteria does A+ risotto (duh), as well as all of the classic Italian foods you’re stomach has been rumbling for. They also have an adjacent bakery in case you were after breads etc.


BrickLane Curry House

Indian food is literally a gift from the Gods. I’ll tell you what, there’s nothing a good meal of five (yes, five) different curries, naan bread, chutneys, and samosas can’t solve. World hunger? Done. Recessions? Sorted. Free washing machines for everyone? Ehhhhhhhhh, sure. Bricklane Curry House is bringing this problem-solver to those adverse to gluten. Run, don’t walk.


Bare Burger

Mmmmmmmmmmm burgers. My mouth is literally salivating at the thought of eating one. It doesn’t even matter that it’s 8.30pm and right on dinner time, you could mention burgers at any time of the day and I would be right on board. All of the time, every time. Bare Burger offers an exorbitant amount of options that will satisfy everyone – even those with a gluten intolerance. And the even better news? They have like a zillion locations everywhere!


Candle 79


Well, well, well, it’s like this restaurant heard about this article in advance and decided to do their very best to be top of the gluten free class. Candle 79 is the big, fine dining sister of Candle Café; a place known for it’s superior health food and juices. The owners however soon realised that people needed more than vitamins and wheatgrass shots and thus Candle 79 was born. An Upper East Side joy, they are a full service café that stocks a whole variety of gluten free goodies to keep your hunger satiated.



Mac and cheese probably isn’t going to win any health prizes soon but hey, what the hell it tastes super good right? The creamy, indulgent meal that kids love and adults secretly love has oft been an unattainable desire for the gluten-free. But no longer! S’Mac spent months created the perfect adaptation and it was worth the wait. Their menu contains so many different variations you’ll never go hungry again.


G-Free NYC


Sure, we’ve got your dining out options covered but we thought we’d sneak in one last option for those who prefer to cook at home. G-Free NYC is the superior grocery store for those who are looking for anything and everything gluten free. Stocking a ridiculously large variety of products IN ADDITION to having lots of other gluten free suppliers doing weekly drops of food, you’ll have no need to spend your pennies anywhere else.


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