Travel The World In The Heart of Chester

February 25, 2014 at 1:04 am

Have you ever wished you could be in a billion places at once; spending the morning in a small country town, only to taste the delights of India by lunchtime and be draped in the mystery of the Buddhist spirituality all by 10 PM; travel the world without ever having to board a plane, or shell out cash for that suitcase that just won’t stop breaking? This is the dream, isn’t it? Well, Chester can offer you a slice of that dream, the experience of several countries, all in one charming little town.

Central Perk

New York

If you’re a fan of the classic F.R.I.E.N.D.S then I can honestly say you will be a fan of Central Perk in Chester. Step from the Roman cobbled street right in to the New York of the 90′s. From the classic Central Perk sofa, to the truly American cuisine of Twinkies, Hershey’s Chocolate and Red Velvet Cake, along with F.R.I.E.N.D.S playing on repeat! (Yes, you read it correctly, constant F.R.I.E.N.D.S!) you can have your own little slice of the American Dream in the heart of Chester (A city of the polar opposite of New York). Visit Central Perk and you and your friends could feel just like one of the gang!

Chez Jules Restaurant


When I think France, what comes to mind? Of course Le Tour Eiffel, Le Louvre and the dazzling city of Paris, but I also conjour the images of babbling brookes, rustic towns, and delicious cuisine! Now the latter half of my imagination; that is what Chester’s Chez Jules will offer any of its very welcome guests. Just like the scene created in my mind, the rustic feel of this small, friendly restaurant, along with the delicious cuisine will have you thinking that you are in France, and you most certainly will never want to leave this piece of European Perfection.




Whilst in Chester; although unlikely, you may want to take a short break from all of the exotic cuisine, and discover what other worldly delights await you in this pretty city. Whilst searching, drop in to Mococo Jewellery, where you will find ChloBo, a beautiful jewellery brand with a Balinese inspiration which will leave you in awe at the beauty you will find amongst the simple necklaces and bracelets. Authentically handmade, and created in Bali, you will feel like an explorer discovering new treasures! To find out more about ChloBo, take a look at the website where you will find the hidden, inspiring story of how this brand sprung to life, leaving you even more eager to reach Bali in the city of Chester. (


Chester walls_SNG20060528_

Steve Gill Photography


Along with the opportunity to travel the world, Chester offers its visitors a unique opportunity to travel in time. In amongst the historic city lies a wealth of Roman remains, from the Chester Walls to Ampitheatre which offers traditional outdoor theatre in the summer. So, hey, if you can’t afford Rome, Chester is just as beautiful, with all of the history too!



Barton Rouge, Facebook


Barton Rouge; my personal favourite for Indian Cuisine in Chester. From the moment you are welcomed in by the host in traditional Indian Dress you will truly feel like an honorary guest of India’s finest, and your obviously British surroundings of refurbished warehouses and even a canal will disappear from your mind. If you visit Barton Rouge you will be sure to receive excellent service and even better food. PS. You must try the family sized Naan bread, you will most certainly be blown away!



The Slowboat, Facebook


For another taste sensation in the heart of Chester, The Slowboat is the place to be. The food is authentically Chinese, and delicious, plus the speed of service most certainly does not live up to the restaurant’s name. Furthermore, the beautiful, traditional Chinese artwork provides a beautiful back drop for a lovely evening.



Around The World With 80 Animals

Finally for the ultimate world over experience Chester Zoo is a MUST SEE landmark of Chester. Anybody can literally travel the entire world; the world of animals that is! From the African wilderness with the adorable Cheetah Cubs, to the spirituality of Asia with the awe inspiring elephants, this is the perfect day out for any budding Atenborough!


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