Midnight Haunts: 7 Places to have Supper in Singapore

March 18, 2014 at 2:21 am

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In Singapore, human activity continues far into the night: whether it’s a few friends out for a late night catchup, or people looking to wind down after a full day’s events, supper has become an indelible part of the Singaporean culture and lifestyle. Typically used to describe any meal or gathering after dinner, it usually falls anytime between the timeframe of 9 PM to even 2 AM. With a vibrant food culture being one of Singapore’s trademarks, and eating affectionately dubbed an unofficial national pastime, one would reckon we take this 4th meal of the day seriously – and rightly so.

The thing is, there are many places open for supper all across the island, and how is one to choose? Well, let this entry introduce some of the tastiest, heartiest places in Singapore which open till late, zeroing in on good ol’ local hawker fare and concentrating mostly along the northeast area of Singapore. Bonus – they are totally affordable too. Prepare to linger a little longer with your buddies.