Cool off in Auckland: Where to get the best iced coffees in town

April 28, 2014 at 9:46 pm

iced coffeePhoto: Kanko

In the summertime, even the most faithful coffee lovers can be put off by the idea of a hot drink. While Auckland has so many brilliant cafes and coffee shops, it unfortunately doesn’t always get it right when it comes to iced coffee. I’m a bit of an iced coffee snob, so every summer I make it my mission to find the best iced coffees in the city and have come across a few very reliable favourites.

Olaf’s Artisan Bakery Cafe – There are plenty of reasons to love Olaf’s but last summer I ordered my first iced coffee there and have never looked back. Olaf’s knows that tastes can vary a little, so they give you a glass of ice, a glass bottle full of delicious cold freshly made latte and a small pitcher of vanilla syrup so you can sweeten to taste.

Mozaik Cafe – Mozaik’s iced coffees are blended. It makes for a delicious and creamy frappuccino style drink that is still refreshing, easy to drink and gives you a much needed coffee kick.

Benson Road Deli – The iced coffees at Benson Road Deli are made with vanilla ice-cream, meaning that your coffee never gets watery or diluted. If anything, it gets even more delicious the longer you drink it.

Ironique Cafe – Iced coffees at Ironique are a bit of guilty pleasure, as they are made not only with ice cream, but also chocolate syrup and whipped cream. It means you can have dessert and your caffeine fix at the same time!

Starbucks – I know, I know, Starbucks isn’t exactly exclusive to Auckland. But when it comes to iced coffees, Starbucks knows what it’s doing. They’ve got the flavours and variety down, meaning that you can guarantee you’ll get something you’re craving. They’re also reliable when if you want iced coffee without milk or dairy (ask for an Iced Americano) as I’ve found that a lot of places in Auckland aren’t used to making iced coffees without milk or icecream.