Take a leaf from Mississauga’s book: How to amuse kids in Winter

April 29, 2014 at 9:49 pm
ball pit

Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/adactio/

Keeping kids active in the Winter can be daunting… It’s easy to stay inside and hibernate when the cold sets in, but in places like Canada’s Mississauga, where it’s common to have five feet of snow trapping you indoors, the kids can start climbing the walls. Our Canadian contributor, Dpak Kanda, takes a look at five ways to entertain kids indoors.

1. Indoor playgrounds


This is actually the biggest indoor playground in Mississauga. It includes an indoor playground for kids and also an entertainment centre for parents! They also offer dance/ fitness classes for those interested. You can also throw cartoon-themed parties here!

2. Trampolining centres


I love this place personally! It’s a great time for any age group and a really good workout! Aside from being fun what makes this place great is the staff. It can be hard to control a large group of people who want to have fun in a place like this but the staff do a terrific job. They also have dodgeball games every hour! Its clean, safe, affordable and properly run.

3. Jumping castle and indoor climbing


Located right by Dundas and 403, this place offers great indoor playgrounds and a free party planning specialist for kids parties! I love their climbing wall which is a very fun, competitive game for kids! Some other notable additions include, jumping castle and toddler area.

4. Face painting and theme park centres

LIL MONKEYS Indoor Playground

This place is known for its outstanding service. It includes all the regular playground games and parents enjoy a complimentary coffee and magazine! They also pay attention to all the details! Every ride/game is coloured in art and the whole place overall is colourful!

5. Indoor sport and recreation centres


A great indoor rec centre, featuring indoor baseball field and rock climbing plus plenty more. This place has proven itself as the best entertainment and family activity centre year after year. They also have a full service restaurant, great for families!

Post by Dpak Kanda.