5 Ways to Get Fit While Having Fun around Melbourne

May 28, 2014 at 4:47 pm


Do you get bored easily and lack the discipline that gym junkies seem to possess? If reps of weight and cardio and #fitspo selfies aren’t your thing, here are some bright ideas to get moving without having to guilt yourself into making the most of that $500 you spent on a gym membership. Try these alternatives for a work out that will be much more fun than doing repetitive exercises.

National Institute of Circus Arts

Have you ever watched Cirque du Soleil and wished that you could do that? The  National Institute of Circus Arts offer a range of classes to satisfy your inner child’s curiosity from tumbling, juggling, cloud swing, lyra, tissu and trapeze. NICA offer a Come & Try Day where you are able to try a variety of circus apparatus for 2 hours. Level 1, 41 Green St, Prahran 


 The Lactic Factory

Bouldering is pretty much rock climbing minus the use of ropes and harnesses, so it’s slightly more challenging. At The Lactic Factory, there are varying levels of difficulty so if you’re a beginner, start with Level 1 and work your way up. Don’t worry about not having any safety gear on as there are thick crash mats to fall on and if you’re just starting out, they also have climbing shoes available to borrow for free. 1 Studley Sreet, Abbotsford



Bounce is made entirely out of trampolines. But you’re not just limited to bouncing up and down for hours- you can shoot some hoops, somersault or cannonball into foam pits and my favourite…play a game of dodgeball! A word of warning if you generally don’t exercise much, your legs won’t love you very much the next morning. 2 Weir Street, Glen Iris


Tree Surfing

Imagine doing an obstacle course high up in the canopy, traversing rope bridges, tunnels, nets and the only way down is via Flying Fox. If you’re brave or if you have a friend who’ll push you, try the Tarzan Swing.  55 Purves Street, Arthurs Seat


Aerial Divas

Something that is always overlooked in fitness is stretching. For myself, yoga is too quiet and serious- and if there is any, the music or chanting, is definitely not my style. Inspired by Aerial Arts, Pilates, Yoga and TRX Suspension, Fly Gym at Aerial Divas allows you to stretch with a 360 degree range of movement. The resistance of the material allows you to hold poses and stretches you may not usually be able to and learn fun moves such as flips and swings. Level 2, 252 Church Street, Richmond