Insider’s Guide to Auckland: Dylan Richards, Stylist

May 29, 2014 at 4:28 pm
Dylan Richards is an Auckland stylist and bright young thing, having been recognised for his work in Black Magazine, New Zealand’s premier international fashion and culture mag. Taking inspiration from the likes of Raf Simons, Lanvin and Celine, his aesthetic is minimal, clean and structured. This is reflected in where he chooses to hang out around Auckland, read on for his Posse recommendations. Follow him on Posse here.


Tyler Street Garage

There is a massive hype surrounding Tyler Street Garage amongst Aucklanders. This industrial-styled bar and eatery is recognised for their small but satisfying menu, awesome drinks menu and their rooftop area which showcases a panoramic view of the harbour side. Word on the street is that they’ve introduced new mouthwatering burgers! Tyler Street Garage is a social hub for you and your mates to come and chill with to some tunes played by some of Auckland’s best DJ’s. Dylan rates this place a good 10/10.

The Golden Dawn

Dim lights, hip bartenders, an unreal drinks menu, live music, amazing food, exceptional service and a diverse crowd basically sums up the Golden Dawn. There’s also an outdoor area that is always buzzing with music and awkward dancing. This watering hole definitely brings something unique to Ponsonby road and is where Dylan and his black mag crew come to have their meetings while enjoying a few drinks and the good vibes.

New Flavour

Craving dumplings? Head to New Flavour, a small spot located on Dominion road in Mt Eden. They’re renowned for their amazing dumplings that create an explosion of flavour in your mouth after every bite and to make things better, they’re CHEAP. Dylan is a regular here, claiming New Flavour’s dumplings to be the absolute best. Just a heads up, they get pretty busy so make a reservation, just to be on the safe side!

Barilla Dumplings

If you can’t get a table at New Flavour, Barilla also make delicious juicy dumplings alongside a plethora of other tasty dishes to satisfy your asian food cravings. They also offer take-home frozen dumplings, so stock up and DIY that deliciousness.

Verona Cafe

Enjoy a healthy meal and a nice coffee, there’s sometimes live music and grab a seat by the window for a great people-watching vantage point. All the interesting characters that walk by on K’Road is a great form of entertainment for Dylan. Verona’s cafe caters to all dietary requirements, and offers a variety of healthy foods for decent prices. Check out their website to keep yourself updated on their upcoming gigs!