Where to find unique cocktails in Wellington’s charming bar scene

May 30, 2014 at 1:11 pm
Cocktails Motel Bar Wellington New Zealand


There’s a reason Wellington has such a big bar scene – this city is home to several award winning bars and some of the best cocktails in the country. Spending a night dedicated to checking out the neat little bars Wellington has to offer is a must, so here’s a short list to guide you in your bar hopping adventures. 




This vintage bar located on Cuba Street is worthy of being the best cocktail joint in Wellington. Their impressive cocktail menu consists of classics such as the Rum Blazer and the Maple and Rosemary Sour. The Matterhorn attracts a mixed crowd, from young professionals to a more bohemian like set. Wind down, relax and get cozy whilst sipping away on one of the finest cocktails Wellington has to offer at the Matterhorn.




Venture down the rabbit hole into this unique cocktail bar. If you’ve ever dreamed about having a tea party as cool as Alice in Wonderland, Alice is about as close as you will get. Gorgeous cocktails served in tea pots with china tea cups makes this quirky intimate bar a must for a night out in Wellington.

Alice Bar Photo


Good Luck Bar

Where the Chinese opium dens were situated many decades ago, is now Goodluck Bar. The dimly lit bar exudes a mystic feel and boasts an impressive cocktail selection. After a few drinks, make your way down to the dance floor where you’ll find the some of the country’s best live acts or DJs on the decks. If reasonably priced cocktails make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside you must take a trip to Good Luck. Not feeling like cocktails? Perhaps the $5 tequila shots will get you there.

Good Luck Bar Photo




This small joint hidden away down Forrester’s Lane is one not to be missed! From bamboo walls to contemporary cocktails, Motel is a mini oasis to escape to.

Motel Bar Wellington New Zealand




Hawthorne Lounge

Being modeled after a 1920’s gentlemen’s club, the old school vibe in this place still remains evident, from the leather armchairs and shaded lamps to the little fireplace situated in the corner. They make crisp, clean and classy cocktails only with the most premium ingredients. Escape the craziness of Courtenay Place, and make your way to Tory Street where Hawthorne Lounge awaits you.