6 ways to step up your yoga game in Sydney

June 18, 2014 at 12:49 pm

Everybody knows about yoga. Everybody knows that yoga is good for you. But if the standard stretching, bending and breathing just isn’t stimulating enough for you, then here are six ways to step up your yoga game. From on water, under water, in the air, in a rave, laughing hysterically, we’ve got you covered. Namaste.

Future Sound of Yoga

For anyone who’s ever considered  a connection between meditative trance and EDM trance, Future Sound of Yoga is for you. Classes involve yoga, stretching and freeform dance set to the soundtrack of a live DJ over the course of two hours. There are two types of sessions: FIRE – a dynamic, upbeat fusion of yoga, dance and cutting edge tunes; and FLOW – vinyasa flow & yin yoga to a soundtrack of uplifting beats and soothing sounds. Let the beat guide your breathing and ~express yourself~ through movement. Events are monthly and tickets sell out so make sure to reserve ahead of time! Sydney events are held at Paddington Uniting Church.


Anti-Gravity Yoga

Are you too zen for gravity? Channel that yogi cliche and levitate while you meditate for real. Release your inner acrobat and try aerial yoga – this unique and all-over body workout mixes yoga, acrobatics, dance and pilates – all while suspended in a silk hammock.  Anti-gravity yoga takes getting used to and definitely works your core, but yoga lovers and athletes of all levels are welcome. There are plenty of days and times for you to dare to try this iteration of yoga, House of Yoga Redfern holds classes at various times throughout the week.


Yoga from the Sky

Hey if doing yoga suspended isn’t enough and you actually enjoy the thrill of vertigo instead of simply soiling your trousers, then consider doing yoga 258m above the city at the Sydney Tower Eye. Start your Wednesdays energised and stress-free, balancing on one limb high above the chaos of the city below. Look at those little ant people rushing around while you’re relaxing with some breathing exercises, ha ha ha. Stick around for breakfast after the class and enjoy the spectacular 360 degree views of the city. Not for those with a fear of heights.

Yoga from the Sky at Sydney Tower Eye

Image: Westfield


SUP Yoga

Sometimes when you come across an obscure new trend you really have to take a step back and wonder how it was conceived. I imagine the birth of this practice happened during a trance-like state in a yoga session, with an internal dialogue along the lines of “Hey you know what? I think this bending of the body into unnatural positions and reaching a dissociative state of meditation really isn’t difficult enough, I should try it on a small and unstable surface floating on a large body of water.” SUP yoga is a hybrid of stand up paddle boarding, yoga poses and stretching exercises, and is apparently the ultimate total body and core strengthening workout. SUP yoga promises it’s great for all fitness levels, however knowing how to swim is definitely recommended. Jamieson Park Paddle holds classes on Tuesday and Sunday mornings to the gorgeous view of Narrabeen Lake, while Workout on Water holds sessions closer to the city near Rose Bay. Just makes sure to keep your balance.


Yoga Under the Sea

Oh you thought yoga on the sea was a novelty? Try yoga under the sea. When was the last time you went to the aquarium? Relive your childhood and head to Sydney Aquarium for a different perspective during your yoga class. Wake up with a calm and tranquil workout hosted in the Great Barrier Reef exhibit (okay so not technically underneath the sea but, use your imagination). Unfortunately classes for the last term have wrapped up earlier this year but save SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium on Posse and keep updated on when the next course happens. Wonder what the fish think of us crazy humans…


Laughter Yoga

They say laughter is the best medicine, and it’s also said to reduce stress, boost your immune system and make you feel more energetic and rejuvenated. Perfect for those not afraid to laugh at themselves, this form of yoga is for all ages and fitness levels. Classes combine laughter exercises with breathing, stretching, clapping and meditation. Don’t be shy about finding something funny to laugh at, classes are conducted in a welcoming group setting that teach you to turn simulated laughter into genuine, spontaneous laughter. Yoga’scool Newtown holds weekly sessions on Sunday mornings and there are also different laughter clubs held in community centres all over Sydney, most classes are free or pay by donation.