Ko and Co Brings Korean-Mexican Food to Sydney

July 10, 2014 at 12:30 pm

Spicy pork belly tacos. Burritos filled with kimchi fried rice. Chilli edamame. These mouthwatering concoctions are a Mexic-Asian dream, a new fusion food that’s just come to Sydney. Based on popular American street food, business partners Jae Jung and Frank Lin have brought back these paired cuisines to their new restaurant in Surry Hills.


Surry Hills is the go-to area in Sydney for trendy restaurants and cafes pushing the boundaries on fresh, inventive food and new place on the block, Ko and Co Restaurant and Soju Bar will fit in just fine. Bringing together Mexican and Korean cuisines, both the food and drinks will keep you coming back for more.

The food here tastes more Korean with its spiced meats and tofu fillings wrapped up in Mexican inspired tacos, burritos and quesadillas. If you’re feeling a little hesitant to try this fusion food, there are more Korean inspired bar food such as sliders and fried chicken. The delicious Korean fried chicken served with kimchi mayonnaise and pickled radishes tastes different to Japanese karaage chicken or American fried chicken with less batter and grease. Ko and Co promises to be your favourite comfort food with surprising new ingredients and taste. The portion sizes are bar-friendly finger foods here so order a few dishes and share amongst friends to make a real meal.

To wash down the food, quench your thirst with a unique array of Korean-Mexican cocktails and beers. Try the nationally-loved Korean liquor Soju, cold-pressed with seasonal fresh fruit juices. Right now, you can’t miss the refreshing watermelon or green apple flavours. Beware of this light and fruity drink, you forget it is alcoholic until it creeps up on you a few glasses in! Team Posse can never resist a margarita, and Ko and Co offers a new spin on our traditional Mexican favourite with hard tequila colliding with the sweet and delicate honey and citrus flavours of Korean yuzu tea.

Stick around after your meal for some sweet desserts that are both adventurous and traditional to their respective Korean and Mexican cuisines. Dare to take on the sugary, nutty dessert tortilla or the sticky rice ball ice cream. The menu will change with the seasons and the availability of ingredients so keep your eye on this place as the food and drink choices will keep on evolving, and keep us coming back for more.