The Urban Beehive

July 17, 2014 at 4:20 pm

In Sydney, we’re a city that’s proud of where our produce is sourced and how it’s processed before it gets to our tables. Even if you’re not a health nut, many of us are conscientious of the food we eat.  So what’s the newest in the health food craze?  Honey.  It’s been known forever the health benefits this natural sweetener has, but Sydney’s taking the sweet topping to a whole new level of goodness: Darlinghurst based company The Urban Beehive is producing honey, conserving bees and protecting the Earth in the process.

Think back to your middle school science class and remember that bees are good for the world because 1) they naturally spread pollen to grow more flowers and plants and 2) produce delicious honey.  Sadly, in most of the world, bees are dying out from parasites, pesticides and all those other negative environmental effects that have been changing our planet.  Luckily, Australia is the only continent free of these major bee threats!  So the Urban Beehive is doing its part to keep bees healthy and alive in Sydney by putting beehives in backyards, community gardens and on rooftops all over the city.

Operating since 2010 by fellow beelovers Vicky Brown and Doug Purdie, this duo is leading the bee conservation by helping all kinds of organizations and individuals set up their own beehives across Sydney.  If you’re a nature/bee/honey lover, you can take an Urban Beehive crash course in everything you need to know about having and maintaining a beehive.  The beginners course is held at a local apiary in Darlinghurst, lasts all day and doesn’t come cheap, but the benefits of supporting these bees will last forever.  And you get to keep a share in the harvest of honey!

Scared of getting stung?  Fair enough.  There’s plenty of ways you can still get support The Uurban Beehive, namely by purchasing any of their delicious and even functional honey products.  Jars of honey and smaller, wedding size favours of honey are sold.  This honey is the real thing – every jar is locally sourced and bottled from the Urban Beehive hives around Sydney with richer flavours and textures than the pasteurised and filtered honey you find in supermarkets.  Depending on the season and from which suburb the honey was harvested, each jar can actually taste slightly different, giving a truly unique experience every time you try it.  Here’s a tip for the Urban Beehive’s honey: don’t be surprised if the product hardens in the jar, this is what happens when it’s all-natural!  All you have to do is heat the jar in a bowl of hot water to return it back to a liquid.  Beeswax candles are also sold in a limited range of tea lights and votive candles.

The Urban Beehive Facebook

The Urban Beehive Facebook

Cafes and food stores across Sydney stock The Urban Beehive’s honey goods: check out Fine Food Store in The Rocks, South Dowling Kitchen in Paddington, Earth Food Store in Bondi or The Wine Library in Woollahra.  Markets like Everleigh Market at Carriageworks and in Manly Bondi also sell The Urban Beehive’s sweet goodies.  For a full list of stockists across Sydney, check out The Urban Beehive’s site here.