For the love of bread

October 22, 2014 at 11:04 pm

Trout salad at Autolyse

This is the place that demonstrates the quiet soft power of Canberra. It’s a perfect excuse to spend time in a city that’s burgeoning coffee and art scene is consistently outshined by any and all political drama that’s unfolding in parliament house. Words by Ryan Auberson-Walsh

Autolyse is a wonderful little bakery and café which whips up sourdough loaves by the dozen, with three homey tastes – wholemeal, rye and a personal favourite, the quinoa and seed loaf packed with iron, protein and omega-3 oils.

Seen above is the smoked trout salad with kipfler potatoes and rocket. It’s just one of their ‘salads’ that arrives at your table with a generous serving of bread, harking back to the importance of the bakery at the establishment’s core. There’s also a sandwich list that will leave you utterly unsure about your life decisions – picking the right order feels like a life or death moment. But you can’t go wrong with their sous vide lamb shoulder sandwich loaded with quinoa tabouli and pickled onion. It’s actually to die for.

Autolyse Central Park Sydney

A few months ago, the folk behind the original Canberra locations opened up a third joint in Sydney’s revitalised Central Park precinct on Broadway. A large, open café with wooden detailing meshes the rustic with the industrial and the glass displays that enshroud the counter are filled with pre-made sandwiches, cakes and pastries, drinks and of course, bread.

One thing that goes hand in hand with their strawberry tarts is a good coffee – and thankfully the baristas here know how to brew up a decent cappuccino. If this is anything to judge the quality of Canberra’s café scene by then perhaps the next trip there should involve skipping Questacon and chowing down a fresh sourdough loaf with the family instead.