A New Take on the Humble Picnic

November 5, 2014 at 12:29 pm


One of the joys of the warmer months is the humble picnic. But picnics aren’t so humble anymore. Enter the two English foodies who have formed the Sydney Picnic Company, with a gourmet basket for each and every occasion.

Simon and Natalie Thomas were just a pair of newlyweds on their Sydney honeymoon when they fell in love with the spectacular picnic spots that Sydney has to offer. Now, twelve years later, they have taken the picnic basket far beyond a roast chicken and a couple of dinner rolls.

The couple offer fresh, seasonal hampers filled with everything you need for the perfect picnic. Their most popular hamper, the Sydney Picnic, comes with Australian king prawns tossed in Sichuan salt and pepper. Open the lid a little wider and you’ll discover free range roast chicken on a bed of fregola tossed with lemon and toasted pepitas. Each basket has a little twist and Natalie and Simon have just introduced their Spring Picnic which offers a jumble of salads and hearty mains, paired with double cream French brie (they love to use Aussie produce, but Natalie lives by French cheese) and a blueberry compote with crushed salted shortbread with vanilla cream.


basketPacked to perfection. These hampers aren’t missing a single thing.

This is a truly different way to dine. What once was a favourite with couples celebrating anniversaries and birthdays, has now become a popular treat for hen’s nights, baby showers and even weddings.  Simon and Natalie are constantly tailoring each basket to reflect every occasion, offering delicious additions like an extra cheese course or a vegetarian and gluten free option.

sydneyweddingpicnicA sneak-peek of Simon and Natalie’s basket for an al fresco wedding reception.

So maybe it’s time to head outside and choose a spot on the grass without the fuss of packing your own basket. Sit back, relax and let the Sydney Picnic Company take care of everything.

Contact Natalie on 0420 943 670

Bookings should be made 48 hours in advance