A Day at the Circus

December 16, 2014 at 3:17 pm


You’d be forgiven for thinking that Sea Circus Seminyak is some kind of acrobatic based tourist attraction. It’s just so much better than that. Sea Circus answers the prayers of weary, hungover travellers who are in search of a good breakfast and a strong cup of coffee.

The team at Sea Circus offer up a lot things with their perfect coffee. Each pastel coloured cup comes with a fortune cookie-type-note giving words of wisdom for you to mull over while you peruse the menu.

If words of wisdom are not enough to sooth your throbbing head however, you could always opt for the ‘Sin City’ breakfast which provides you with the standard fare of eggs and all the sides, but also throws in a panadol and berocca shot to make the hangover pass a little quicker! If your neck is sore from a long flight, the ‘Liver Love’ breakfast can soothe you with a plate of poached eggs, tropical fruit salad and herbal tea, all to be enjoyed with a complimentary massage.

eggsThe hunt for the perfect yolk begins and ends at Sea Circus

This place might sound a little quirky, and it is, but it’s definitely unmissable. The walls are covered inside and out with pastel murals and the long tables are the perfect place to share a meal with friends. Top of the list in the beverage department has to be the two scoop vanilla milkshake which is served in a tall frosty glass, with flecks of black vanilla pod floating from top to bottom.

coffeeeeWise words delivered with each coffee

Certainly strange, certainly quirky but certainly wonderful in every way.