Favourite Hangouts via Sydney Band, The Water Board

May 28, 2013 at 11:49 pm
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The Water Board is a garage rock band from Sydney who just like to hang out and create fuzzy, reverb-drenched pop songs. Their influences include acts like the Velvet Underground, The Saints, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and Surfer Blood. Just recently, they released their self-titled EP, having recorded it on vintage amps in the rehearsal space known fondly as Tall Paul’s. It was later mastered by Paul Sammes at his studio Arthouse, in Dunedin NZ and pressed it onto CDs enclosed in handmade, 100% recycled cardboard cases. You can listen to their new EP via our friends at Holding Pattern and check out their Sydney guide via Posse:

The Best 5 Underground Sydney Bars via Miss Feathers

February 20, 2013 at 9:29 pm
miss feathers

Miss Feathers

Miss Feathers is the kinda gal that loves to explore all that Sydney has to offer. Anything that’s edible or quaffable is high on her do to list. She explores the latest restaurants, bars, exhibitions, plays, festivals and more, and whispers her findings into your ear via missfeathers.com.au. She uses Posse because it’s full of great suggestions from her friends & family and you get to find out all kinds of secret (and not so secret) places. Here’s her street of the best 5 underground Sydney bars:
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Best 5 Underground Sydney Bars on www.posse.com